Rubber Lining

With the proper rubber lining, a pipe, tank, pinch valve, and fittings can withstand years of abrasive and corrosive service conditions. Our rubber compounds are engineered for chemical resistance to protect your products from the effects of abrasion, impact, acids, and oxidizing agents.

Rubber Division carefully considers the temperature, chemical composition and concentration, and particle size of the materials being conveyed to determine the best compound for your rubber products.

Over 100 Years Of Experience

Rubber Division has provided rubber-lined products throughout Canada and the U.S. since 1919. An exclusive rubber compound formulated by Rubber Division is used for most product applications.

Pipe or tank size is never a concern when working with Rubber Division. An innovative application process makes it possible to rubber line any product ranging from 2 inches in diameter up to the largest diameter manufactured.

Complete lining inspection, removal, surface preparation, and lining installation at our plant, or have a field team dispatched for on-site rubber lining repairs.

  • Hot or cold bonding of process vessels
    • Acid tanks
    • Brine tanks
    • Rinse tanks
    • Plating tanks
  • Pinch Valve and Valve replacement sleeves
  • Expansion Sleeves
  • Pipe Lining (Victaulic, Yellowjacket…2″ to 48″)
  • Fittings (Lining Elbows, Tee’s, Lateral, Reducers 2″ to 48″)